BaseCore™ Geocell for Slope Protection

Reconstruct slopes that last a lifetime with durable BaseCore™ Geocell. Prevent natural disasters, erosion, and more for cheaper infill and versatility across all slope types.


Solve Common Slope Failures with BaseCore™ Geocell

BaseCore™ takes slopes seriously by securing the hillside with HDPE geocell ground grids. Unlike retailing walls and other slope reinforcement, this cellular confinement system lays on the grade and protects it with a honeycomb structure.

The slope’s bearing capacity increases as our military base withstand years of hydraulic and mechanical stresses. You can achieve solid slope stabilization and permeability better than retaining walls and concrete-filled bases.

Take control of erosion problems with a reliable foundation grid: BaseCore™.

Destress Slopes with Downward Lateral Force

Traditional mechanical and construction stresses apply pressure to the direct contact area, causing uneven ground and weight distribution. Eventually, these disruptions build over time and cause soil, aggregate, and concrete failure.

Geocells make slopes last longer by applying lateral force across the entire base rather than one concentrated place. Not only does this protect soil and root compaction, but it also stops ruts from forming on your slope.

Improve resistance to erosive forces with a military-smart ground grid for cost effective erosion control.

BaseCore™ Specs for Any Slope

BaseCore™ Specs for Any Slope

We understand every slope project is different, and not every slope requires the same geocell reinforcement. BaseCore panels are custom-designed based on the slope’s angle, the needed strength, and other factors.

Speak with our engineers today about your CSI specs so we can recommend a geocell system that improves your project. They can assist specific weaknesses of the slope, including areas exposed to severe hydraulic pressure.

Protect & Stabilize All Slopes Types with Geocell

Erosion problems occur in all kinds of slopes exposed across various industries. Our expandable BaseCore panels are durable solutions to all of them with tendon and rebar support that uphold your hill.

Vegetation Slopes

Stabilize the grade and topsoil from current erosion and surface runoff with military-proven geocell panels. You can even plant grass, trees, and other plants in-between cells to work hand-in-hand with this plastic foundation.

Hard-Armor Slopes

Save tens of thousands on your concrete block slope protection with expandable geocell panels. All you need is to pour concrete into the foundation that follows the ground’s contours and lock the base in place. Have confidence in a permanent base coming at a lower cost.

Aggregate Slopes

Slope embankments gain reliable security with less expensive aggregate when you pair them with BaseCore. You can reduce project costs by using gravel and crushed stones rather than gabion options that call for large stones.

Recycled Infill for Cheaper Install

Did you know geocell panels can use leftover material from runoff as infill materials between the cells? Cut down on project costs and prevent expensive shipments of massive aggregate or soil with preexisting material.

And our team can also simultaneously quote you on local aggregate bundled with BaseCore to get everything your project requires.

Geocell Benefits for Slope Protection

Construct Steeper Slopes

Construct Steeper Slopes

With powerful structural support, you can build steeper than you could before. Tackle riskier projects, trusting our geocells for slope protection every time.

Build for Less

Build for Less

Infill, specialist, and installation costs drop with BaseCore™. Choose a commercial base that saves you and your client more while retaining maximum foundation strength.

Vegetation Growthess

Vegetation Growth

Perforation and holes between the geocells allow for proper drainage to support plant life. Be confident repairing a vegetation slope by planting trees on a slope to sustain the load.

Utilize Smaller Aggregate

Utilize Smaller Aggregate

Gabion and other slope protection options require expensive stones running as large as 3”-6”. However, BaseCore™ works with cheaper infills like gravel and soil to save on your project budget.

Contour Flexibility

Contour Flexibility

BaseCore™ follows the natural slope terrain to create a custom honeycomb-confinement system. These panels go complement concrete pouring so you can lock the hill’s curves in place for accuracy-sake.

Protect Slopes with Anyone

Protect Slopes with Anyone

Our HDPE panels are easy enough for a landscape or construction crew to install with minimal training. And complex enough for civil engineers to rely on its durability as a trustworthy foundation.

Easy Slope Install

Easy Slope Install

Following our 7-simple steps will reinforce any slope type with erosion control prevention against any disaster. Depending on the project scope, your crew can lay military-grade BaseCore™ quickly.

Consult BaseCore Slope Engineers

You can receive product specs, testing methods, and professional consultation on a call with our engineers. We’ve served hundreds of clients with various commercial projects, including slope embankments. Hear back from dedicated commercial experts to evaluate your project.