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BaseCore™ Geocell for Parking Lots

Build parking lots that stop ruts, ponding, and uneven ground with a permeable base that reinforces the foundation like rebar. Rely on BaseCore™ Geocell as a cost-effective, eco-friendly commercial base.


The Military Solution to High
Vehicle Traffic

The United States’s military branches have used geocell ground grids as load support for temporary roads since the ‘70s. They can withstand constant and heavy traffic from tanks, making them the perfect solution for parking lots.

BaseCore™ Geocell can handle public and private projects, whether it’s a small church parking lot or a city parking plan. Choose a foundation grid for a cheaper cost than concrete that carries more durability than gravel or asphalt.

Build Any Parking Lot with BaseCore™ Geocell

Our BaseCore™ Geocell isn’t just flexible as an HDPE foundation grid: it can serve almost any commercial parking lot. Fill each geocell with your choice of material based on the specific project considerations.

When you consult with our engineers, we can customize the panels to compensate for islands, slopes, grades, and other challenges. BaseCore™ Geocell meets your project requirements while utilizing the most parking space efficiently.

Less Infill Materials

Vegetation Parking Lot

For clients with a smaller budget or eco-friendly agenda, install BaseCore™ with topsoil infill to act as grass pavers. Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and save thousands on the project without giving up a durable parking lot foundation.

Less Infill Materials

Concrete Parking Lot

Reinforce concrete parking lot projects by laying BaseCore™ on the subgrade. The geocells are flexible with ground contours so you can match the slope angle and lock it in by setting concrete.

Easy installation

Gravel Parking Lot

Private businesses may only need gravel infill for overflow parking with minimal usage. BaseCore™ adds maximum foundation strength that gravel doesn’t carry on its own and keeps project costs down.

Eco Friendly

Asphalt Parking Lot

You can recycle asphalt material as BaseCore™ infill to reduce your client’s environmental impact. Save time and money by using geocell panels that stop usual asphalt maintenance for parking lots.

Fight Dangerous Heat Island Effects

Major cities across the globe have experienced heat islands effects due to increased urbanization. Higher temperatures have forced the elder to take shelter from intense heat waves. Fossil fuel electric companies have produced more energy, deteriorating our atmosphere.

BaseCore™ Geocell solves this critical world issue by eliminating the need for concrete to achieve durable, long-term commercial bases. Plant grasses and other vegetation in our geocell panels to construct a parking lot that cools the air. You can also build with light-colored infill to absorb less heat during the day.

Our eco-friendly foundation grids give you peace of mind and a good conscience that you’re helping to solve pressing commercial issues rather than create them. Be a good steward of parking lot materials with a durable base that reduces project costs.

Fight Dangerous Heat Island Effects

Geocell Benefits for Parking Lots

Construct Steeper Slopes

Stop Floods & Pooling

BaseCore™ Geocell is perforated and allows water to pass through each cell, preventing water collection in your parking lot. Low spots and heavy rainfall don’t stand a chance since water passes safely into the subgrade.

Build for Less

More Parking Lot for Less

Geocell panels are cheaper than concrete and don’t have the constant maintenance that gravel and asphalt do. Trust BaseCore™ Geocell to last your client 75+ years for a reliable, durable parking lot.

Vegetation Growthess

Prevent Ruts Before They Begin

You can stop underlying foundation issues for lifetime savings by installing BaseCore™ geocell. Maintenance teams will thank you later when they don’t have to add stone and level the ground, skyrocketing project costs.

Contour Flexibility

Reverse Heat Island Effects

Concrete parking lots aren’t the only option anymore to construct a strong parking lot base. With collapsable BaseCore™ Geocell panels, infill with topsoil or gravel to reduce urban city temperatures and fulfill your corporate responsibility.

Contour Flexibility

Don’t Need a Specialist

Landscape and construction companies can hire general laborers to take care of geocell parking lots on their own. Choose a durable foundation like BaseCore™ Geocell you won’t need to spend extra on with a specialist involved.

Protect Slopes with Anyone

Drive on the Lot Instantly

Unlike poured concrete, BaseCore™ Geocell sets with zero wait time. Cut down your completion date and park on your brand new lot right after compaction. And do it with a high-density polyethylene base that has a simple and easy install process.

Easy Slope Install

Control Mud Pits

Mud management isn’t an issue for grass parking lots at wedding and other special venues. BaseCore™ Geocell gives visitors a fantastic event experience without getting their vehicles stuck in the mud.

Speak to Parking Lot Engineers

Our BaseCore engineer support team understands you need the right product testing to ensure a successful parking lot. Consult with our team so we can shorten your project deadline and beat other bidders. We provide a professional opinion on products specs, the amount you’ll need, and more.