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High-Quality Geotextile Solutions

Discover our premium geotextile fabric designed for durability, UV and puncture resistance, while promoting efficient water drainage. These qualities are essential for combating weeds, preventing mildew, and offering resistance against the effects of freeze-thaw cycles and decay. Our advanced nonwoven geotextiles enable the construction of robust foundations using less material, optimizing your project's efficiency and effectiveness.

The Advantages of Our Geotextile Solutions

BaseCore is your go-to source for superior quality non-woven geotextile fabric, ideal for agricultural, recreational, or equestrian applications. Leveraging the historical benefits of non-woven geotextiles in filtration and erosion control, our products, combined with BaseCore™ geocells, deliver unmatched benefits, enhancing the durability and functionality of your installations.

Geotextile Specifications

For those with a technical inclination, our geotextile fabric is crafted from 5.9oz per square yard of polypropylene (PET) fabric, needle-punched to a thickness of 1.6mm. It boasts exceptional strength, capable of withstanding up to 2246lbs of tensile force, and is UV resistant and puncture-resistant up to 404 lbs. Additionally, it facilitates a water flow rate of 62 gallons per minute per square foot, ensuring superior drainage.

Easy Installation Guide:
Preparing your site for Geotextile Fabric installation is straightforward, ensuring a swift and simple setup process. For extensive applications such as parking areas or arenas, it's crucial to roll the fabric across the entire designated area before the BaseCore™ panels are placed. Ensure all edges and seams between fabric sections overlap by approximately 8-12 inches to guarantee optimal performance and durability.

Property Test Method Metric Value English Value
Mass Per Until Area ASTM D 5261 200 g/m2 5.9 oz/yd2
Thickness ASTM D 5199 2.16 mm 149 US Sieve
Tensile Strength ASTM D 4595 10 KN/m 2246 lbs
Elongation ASTM D 4595 50% 50%
Apparent Opening Size ASTM D 4751 0.15 mm 14 US Sieve
Permittivity ASTM D 4491 NA NA
Water Flow Rate ASTM D 4491 2500 L/min/m2 62 g/min/sf
Trapezoidal Tear Strength ASTM D 4533 0.28 KN 63 lbs
CBR Puncture Strength ASTM D 6241 1.80 KN 404 lbs
UV Resistance (% retained after 500 hours) ASTM D 4355 70% 70%

The Critical Role of Geotextile

Implementing geotextile is pivotal in extending the lifespan of your arenas, turnouts, paddocks, and various other installations by ensuring proper groundwork. It's a strategic solution for maintaining the integrity and functionality of your projects over tim

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Longevity of your arena

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Non seeping the gravel

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Erosion Control

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Geotextile: The Ultimate Soil Companion

Address common soil issues like inadequate drainage, erosion, and unwanted compaction with our non-woven geotextile fabric. It's particularly effective in preventing the intermixing of different soil layers or materials, ensuring the stability and longevity of structures that endure significant weight loads, including roads, embankments, and equestrian arenas. By maintaining distinct material layers, our geotextile fabric significantly enhances base stability.

Frost Protection with Geotextile

Our geotextile fabric, akin to the material used for plant frost protection but considerably thicker, has been recognized by the US Army Corps of Engineers for its effectiveness in mitigating frost heave. This property is invaluable for preventing the formation of uneven surfaces and foundational issues due to temperature fluctuations and erosion.

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Seeking Further Guidance? We're Here to Help

Maximize the benefits of our geotextile solutions for your projects. For comprehensive support and to explore how our products can meet your specific needs, reach out to us today.