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BaseCore™ HD Geocell

The enhanced BaseCore™ Geocell model engineered for tougher commercial projects at a lower cost than concrete. Build with a trusted geocell solution that has increased height for weight disbursement across the entire base.

Foundational BaseCore™ HD Geocell Benefits

Less Infill Materials
Less Infill Materials

BaseCore™ HD Geocell reduces aggregate, soil, and concrete infill by up to 50% for load support. Geocells take up room that would otherwise require more materials.

No Specialists Required
No Specialists Required

Anyone can install BaseCore™ HD Geocell, whether you have a landscape crew or a construction company. Unlike concrete, you don’t need to pay extra for a professional to install the product.

Easy installation
Easy Installation

With a lightweight, collapsable base, you can transport it to the project site with ease. BaseCore has guides and videos to showcase the 6-step simple install.

Eco Friendly

Reduce your company’s environmental footprint with geosynthetic BaseCore™ HD Geocell panels. These HDPE structures are not toxic to the soil and are safe for global project sites.

Natural Drainage
Natural Drainage

Our perforated BaseCore™ HD geocells allow water to pass through the durable base, helping the site withstand heavy rainstorms. This foundation pairs well with permeable aggregate that prevents floods and water pooling.

Cost-Friendly Solution
Cost-Friendly Solution

Concrete can drive large-scale commercial budgets tens of thousands over what the client may want to pay. BaseCore™ HD Geocell keeps costs down through product cost, less infill material, and reduced labor needs.

Lasts a lifetime
Lasts a Lifetime

BaseCore™ HD geocells last more than 75 years depending on the specific project application. Asphalt and gravel ask for constant maintenance and replacement while perforated panels withstand for years to come.

Flexible Infill Options
Flexible Infill Options

Aggregate, vegetation, and concrete are all potential infill materials for your BaseCore™ HD Geocell project. Strong geocell bases always keep up with geotechnical site conditions for infill recommendations.

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Engineering Specs for
BaseCore™ HD Geocell

Choose a durable base that’s engineered to create a smooth timeline and quicker completion date. Our BaseCore support team will assess your wheel load weight and project requirements to calculate how many panels you need.

We also offer access to industrial product testing to verify these specs with scientific data. Various testing methods prove our UV-resistant BaseCore™ HD Geocell durable for load support, slope embankments, and other uses.

Real Engineering Case Studies

Project managers, landscape companies, and engineers from around the globe have used BaseCore geocells. Real-world commercial projects rely on HDPE, military-strong products that last. Check out our past client projects and see why companies switch to BaseCore™ HD Geocell for slope embankments, erosion control, and road foundations.

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BaseCore™ HD Geocell Commercial Applications

BaseCore™ Geocell for Driveways

BaseCore™ Geocell for
Slope Protection

BaseCore™ Geocell for

BaseCore™ Geocell for
Erosion Control

BaseCore™ Geocell for
Parking Lots

BaseCore Geocell for
Shoreline Protection

Customizable Commercial Foundations

BaseCore™ HD geocell panels can be custom-designed according to the strength your base requires. Our product heights range from 2” to 8” and increase in cell size to support heavier loads, vehicles, and foot traffic.

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The Lowest Quotes for Local Aggregate

We find the cheapest aggregate company with the highest quality infill material in your city or county. BaseCore™ HD Geocell isn’t your only project consideration, and our engineers provide everything you need to execute a permeable, durable commercial base.

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BaseCore™ HD Geocell Project Evaluations

Considering our geocell panels for the cheapest, strongest foundation support? We never charge for project evaluations and take pride in consulting you on the best commercial solutions. Our customer service and quick response have allowed us to help hundreds with their bases.