Struggling to keep your shoreline property from being overtaken by water? Finding the right solution for your shoreline erosion problems can be tricky. With the use of BaseCore, Geocell you can keep a natural shoreline while ensuring it will be there for years to come.

What Causes Shoreline Erosion?

Shoreline erosion happens over time and is caused by both natural and human influences. High-velocity water can wash away soil on all types of shores, bringing the level of the shoreline closer to the water. This creates a seemingly never-ending cycle.

Natural Causes of Shoreline Erosion

  • Flooding: River and lake shorelines are most susceptible to flooding. Heavy storms can bring lots of rain and cause flooding. When flood waters rush through the area, natural vegetation and soil can be washed away.
  • Strong Waves: Shorelines naturally absorb wave energy but can often be overtaken by strong and forceful waves. Violent storms and high wind velocity can cause strong winds to pummel the shore. This washes away sand and rocks, creating a steeper, dangerous beach.
  • Sea-level Rise: Sea levels have been rising for many years. Over time, waves crash higher on shore, wiping out dry soil. This mostly only happens on ocean beaches, but can happen to rivers and lakes if there is an increase in water levels.

Human Causes of Shoreline Erosion

  • Boat Wake: Boats can create strong wakes, especially when close to the shore. Wakes can bring strong waves to shore and wash away the beach. This can happen in rivers, larger lakes, and oceans.
  • Vegetation Removal: Vegetation helps protect shorelines from erosion because root systems hold soil in place. Removing natural vegetation can cause soil to be easily washed away since it is no longer being held in place.
  • Sea Walls: Sea walls are large, vertical concrete or rock barriers put on the shore to keep water from meeting the natural shoreline. Sea walls do not naturally absorb wave energy. When a wave hits the sea wall, water is forced to move vertically, causing erosion of the shoreline under the water.

How Can Erosion be Prevented?

Shoreline erosion can be prevented by adding vegetation and structure to the natural shoreline. This can be done by simply planting vegetation, installing rip rap, or installing soil retaining materials like geocell. BaseCore Geocell provides an environmentally friendly geocell for property owners to prevent shoreline erosion.

  • Planting Vegetation: Adding new vegetation to your shoreline is an erosion prevention option because the roots will hold onto the soil. Since vegetation can be washed away without added support, it is not a long term solution.
  • Installing Rip Rap: Installing Rip Rap can provide shoreline protection, but can also cause water to move along the shoreline and neighboring property at higher speeds. Because the waves come in contact with smooth rock or concrete surfaces, there is no friction to slow the speed of the water. This can be dangerous and can prohibit you and your family from using your shoreline.
  • Installing BaseCore Geocell: Installing BaseCore Geocell can provide structure to the soil while keeping a natural shoreline environment.

How Does BaseCore Geocell Prevent Erosion?

BaseCore Geocell is a durable, nitrogen free geocell material, made to provide support to a filler material. Geocell is made up of a honeycomb structure which holds the filler material. BaseCore Geocell can be filled with soil, concrete, sand, and many other materials.

BaseCore Geocell creates a retaining wall along the shoreline, providing structure and holding onto soil above and below it. BaseCore Geocell secures the soil, preventing the formation of rills and gullies. BaseCore geocell’s permeable nature allows for water to pass through the soil, without sweeping the surface away.

How Can I Add BaseCore Geocell to My Property?

BaseCore Geocell is easy to install and can be used on any type of shoreline! Rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds, BaseCore geocell is there to help. With BaseCore Geocell you can create steeper slopes, use cheaper aggregates, landscape with vegetation, and preserve the environment.

Create Steeper Slopes

Because BaseCore Geocell acts as an anchor for soil and plants, you can build steeper slopes on your shoreline without risking erosion. This can be useful for ponds and lakes on your property and can increase the volume of water in smaller areas.

Use Cheaper Aggregates

BaseCore Geocell does not require specific filler material and aggregates in order to benefit your property. This allows you to use and recycle on-site materials of your choice.

Landscape With Vegetation

Since BaseCore geocell can be filled and covered with any material, soil filler can be used to grow vegetation. Root systems provide extra support to the ground while vegetation makes for a nourished and pleasant beach environment.

Preserve the Environment

BaseCore geocell does not contain nitrogen, allowing runoff to be safe for humans and wildlife. Since BaseCore Geocell goes under the surface, there are no added materials or installations to the surface that would alter the natural habitat. You and your company can be proud that you are helping preserve the environment with BaseCore Geocell.

Ready to Install Your New BaseCore Geocell Shoreline?

If you are ready to install your very own BaseCore Geocell shoreline, we recommend that you consult your shoreline with our BaseCore professionals. We want to make sure that you get the best material for your unique shoreline.

BaseCore proudly supplies property owners and businesses with industry-leading geocell products. If you have any questions, you can access our FAQ page or contact us directly at (888)511-1553. We look forward to helping you design your perfect, erosion-free shoreline!