As a contractor or landscape architect, you’re likely constantly trying to find solutions to prevent erosion on your projects. Whether it’s steep slopes, heavy water flow, or unstable ground, it seems like there’s always some need to stabilize the soil while abiding by local regulations.

With large or high-volume projects, finding the right solution at the right price makes all the difference for your profit margins. At BaseCore, we offer wholesale pricing on large orders of erosion control supplies, empowering you to do your job well and maintain those margins!

Benefits of BaseCore Geocells for Erosion Control


At BaseCore, we specialize in two specific products: Geocells and HD Geocells. Both are excellent options for industrial ground stabilization and erosion control at a fraction of the cost of concrete.

The honeycomb pattern of Geocells reduces the amount of aggregate needed, occupying space that would otherwise need to be filled with concrete, gravel, or soil. Geocells can also be installed by anyone. You can use the crew you already work with and reduce the labor costs associated with hiring a specialist.


Geocells offer a great degree of flexibility when it comes to permanence. Unlike an erosion control blanket, Geocells do not biodegrade, providing a long term solution to soil problems when necessary. On the other hand, they can be easily removed at the completion of a project, setting them apart from permanent (and often costly) solutions like storm drains, rain gardens, or french drains.

Our product is also excellent for navigating around obstacles on the job site. Because Geocells can be trimmed to any shape, you can easily provide room for irrigation systems and tree planting holes that otherwise might be covered by poured concrete.


Geocells are made of high-density polyethylene which is a non-toxic material. The cells can also be filled with soil, enabling ground covers and native plants to grow on the surface. The plant roots can actually pass between cells via perforations, strengthening the overall structure.

The perforations of geocells combined with vegetation also act as a filter for water runoff. This helps prevent sediment from washing away and infiltrating the ground water.

Projects Suited for BaseCore Geocells

BaseCore Geocells are perfectly suited for a wide variety of contracting projects. This enables you to tackle multiple soil erosion problems with the same landscaping supplies that you already have in-stock and on-hand. Combine this with wholesale pricing, and you can build yourself an excellent profit margin on any job!

Commercial landscaping applications include:

One of the key benefits of Geocells is their ease of reuse. Not only will our product work for each of the above project types, but you can even remove it from one job site and transport it to the next!

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