Do you have potholes, ruts, or soft spots in your driveway? What started as a simple crack in the pavement could have led to a much bigger problem than you were expecting. If you’re struggling with these issues you are certainly not alone. While these things are incredibly common, they can also cause some issues that are better to avoid. Luckily, there are ways to prevent or at least minimize the occurrence of potholes and erosion whether it affects your driveway, gravel road, or street.

Preventing potholes before they cause damage to your vehicle or land is much cheaper than dealing with the consequences later. Keep reading and we’ll give you some tips and tricks that can help keep potholes from forming in the first place.

How do Potholes Form and Why are they Worse in the Spring?

Potholes can form in many different ways. The main cause is when standing water wears away the pavement’s protective finish and speeds up deterioration. Long-lasting puddles, frequent rains, or even snowmelt can cause the pavement to form large cracks and eventually chip away. The water that has penetrated the area eventually may freeze, causing expansion and cracking.

Because of the impact of water, potholes tend to be worse in the spring as there is snowmelt and spring showers that can cause water build-up. Asphalt pavement especially struggles during these months. Dirt or gravel driveways experience a similar deterioration that starts with a small crack and evolves into a full-blown pothole.

Another cause of potholes is if the roadway is not well equipped for proper drainage. Again, almost all potholes are formed as a result of water build-up. If your driveway or street does not have a good drainage system, then potholes are much more likely to form.

You might be wondering how to prevent potholes in gravel roads, or how to prevent potholes in roads in general. The cause of potholes tends to be the same regardless of the surface you are dealing with. As for prevention techniques, we will walk you through some of the easiest ways to stay ahead.

Preventive Treatments

Preventing potholes from happening in the first place is the best way to ensure you are not spending countless hours and money on pothole repair jobs for your driveway or even damage to your car. If your driveway or roadway is already established, crack treatments can be a good option for healing some of those problem areas. Crack sealing helps to slow pavement deterioration by filling in those areas that could cause problems down the line.

Another good option for pothole prevention is to install your driveway with a good drainage system in place. If you can ensure that standing water is nearly eliminated then odds are you will run into fewer problems with erosion and pothole formation.

A great way to eliminate drainage issues is to use something like BaseCore geocell. Geocells connect together to form an incredibly durable honeycomb grid that includes natural drainage. This material works great at preventing potholes from forming, resolving drainage issues, and ensures that your driveway or roadway will stand the test of time. For more information on BaseCore geocell click here.

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